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The Best Online Software For Every Small Business

What software do we love to use?

Operating an accounting practice entirely online and with clients and staff in different cities...

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The Final Countdown... Are you ready for Xerocon 2017 Austin?

Brace yourself for some unbridled enthusiasm, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year and I am genuinely excited.

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How to Use Mindbody and Xero to Increase Your Gross Profit

Mindbody is a business management software oriented towards the booming health and wellness industry.  It is an all-in-one online...

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How to Hack Your Xero Chart of Accounts to Increase Profit


The Chart of Accounts is the backbone of your business and its financial statements. The Chart of Accounts is a listing of ...

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Xero 101: 3 Things Your Xero Journal Entries Are Missing


A journal entry is a means of manually recording transactions and adjustments to your Xero accounting file. Some main reasons...

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My journey with

What is a Xero Ambassador?

In 2013, I got a call from Justin Hobbs who implored me to try out Xero, a plea that I ignored (boo!). At the time I was using...

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Happy Trails... Thoughts on XPAC

Just a few years ago I got a call asking me to join XPAC (The Xero Partner Advisory Council). My first thought was... "What the...

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January Xero Hour-1

January Xero Hour

Last night I hosted Xero hour at Xero Denver HQ. In a word, it was tremendous. I saw lots of new faces which excites me because...

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Xerocon 2016 San Francisco

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