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Loud Rumor Marketing: Quietly Crushing the Fitness Game

By Cristina Garza

At Accountingprose we count ourselves lucky to have so many cool clients! I try to convince my team it’s because I’m cool, and coolness attracts coolness. (I know... nerd alert!) One of our coolest customers is boutique fitness marketing firm Loud Rumor. We are so grateful that our team of Small Business Superheroes gets to play a part in their small business machine! Loud Rumor is based in Scottsdale, AZ and are passionate about implementing fresh, and, crucially, demonstrably effective marketing tactics in the fitness industry. Their team of marketing coaches work with fitness studio owners to help them generate new leads and convert those leads to customers.



Mike Arce, the King of Getting Sh*T Done, is the founder whose vision and hard work created the Loud Rumor brand and built it into the powerhouse it is today. Before we began our interview, I asked about the wall behind him, which is covered floor-to-ceiling in an array of colorful sticky notes. They create a vivid, eye-catching feature, but they represent a whole lot more than aesthetics. Every day, his employees each come in and write their goal for the day on a sticky note and add it on the wall. This was something Mike was doing, and his team joined in without being compelled to do so. The notes help give his team motivation to maintain focus on that goal, be it work or personal.


Mike’s dedication to his business starts out before he even gets there. Mike has a ritualized morning routine that would inspire anybody. Unless traveling, Mike wakes up at 6am, writes his daily goals, meditates, drinks a heinous-but-healthy green drink, hits the gym, comes home and showers, and reads for a half hour. Then he sits down and prioritizes his daily to-do, and next he gets to work. Being a founder, the daily tasks can range to every role in the business. Primarily, Mike sees his job as fostering a culture that supports every employee in doing their best work, all to generate maximum client success.


Mike loves that his employees and coaches look to him as their leader. He takes his position as founder seriously and loves that he gets to be the one who provides a fun, inspiring, and supportive workplace for them to show up to every day. Building the culture just the way he prefers is Mike’s favorite part about running his own business. His goal was to create an environment in which he’d be happy to be an employee, and he’s done that.


One of the things he’s proudest about is recently becoming an excellent student. A fan of constant improvement, Mike understands that since their main focus at Loud Rumor is informing and educating their clients to make them better business owners, he could also stand to learn a thing or two. So he worked hard at the practice of learning, becoming better at accumulating new information and integrating new perspectives. Now, despite the age difference, he’d place his current brain against his 25 year old brain and says it would be no contest. Mike constantly seeks out any information, tactic, or strategy that might increase his ability to help his business or his clients' businesses.


After his experience with three previous bookkeepers, Mike had all but given up on finding a bookkeeper that he could enjoy working with. He’d ask peers about how to find a good one and their response of “I don’t know, but let me know if you find one” was discouraging to say the least. Finally, a respected coach on Mike’s team recommended Accountingprose, and it’s been a match made in heaven ever since! After we started working together, he knew immediately that we were what he had been looking for all along: 


“You guys have been a blessing…. You’re millennial app people who figured out accounting...things are organized, things are done the fastest way possible, and I feel I can always get what I need out of this”


Having finally achieved financial peace of mind, knowing that we’ve got the numbers covered, Mike is now able to take on more work and focus his energy on the core of his business. His daily stress level went down, so even though he’s always kept a balance between work and personal life, he is now able to keep an even clearer head (with fewer gray hairs popping up).


If Mike could pick any superhero power to suddenly gain (maybe from gamma rays hitting his green smoothie) he would pick super learning. As mentioned earlier, he’s all about taking in as much information and knowledge as he can. A super learning ability would be a dream come true for Mike!


Run a fitness studio and looking for some help with marketing? Don’t hesitate to www.loudrumor.com, schedule a demo and see what they can do for you! For those in the marketing industry who’d like to gain from all Mike has learned, be sure to check out what Mike’s doing over at www.agencygsd.com. On top of all of that, Loud Rumor has an active YouTube channel! Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/LoudRumorMarketing/videos


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