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How to Register for a Colorado My FAMLI+ Employer Account

How to Register for a Colorado My FAMLI+ Employer Account

Welcome to our guide on setting up a Colorado My FAMLI+ account for employers. My FAMLI+ is a program created by the state of Colorado that provides paid family and medical leave benefits to eligible employees. As an employer, it's important to understand the steps required to set up your account and ensure compliance with state regulations. In this post, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step, so you can confidently set up your My FAMLI+ account and update Gusto so that you can provide this valuable benefit to your employees. Let's get started!



Sign up for A Colorado My FAMLI+ Account 


Get Started


Navigate to https://famli.colorado.gov/


Click "Log In to My FAMLI+ Employer".

Log In to My FAMLI+ Employer



Click "Create an account".

Create a Colorado MyFAMLI account



Click "Create an account" on the next screen. 

Create a CO FAMLI Account



Enter your email address and choose your language preference. 

Enter Your Email Address CO FAMLI



Check the "I read and accept the Login.gov Rules of Use" box.

Accept Rules of Use



Click "Submit"
Submit Initial Application



Open the email that was just sent to you and click "Confirm Email Address".

Colorado FAMLI Confirm Email Address



Create a strong password.

We suggest using LastPass to generate the password and LastPass (or 1Password) to save your passwords securely. 

Colorado FAMLI Create Strong Password













Click "Continue".

Colorado FAMLI Submit Password













Choose Authentication Method

Choose two authentication methods.


You have the option to use:

1. Security Key 

2. Government Employee ID

3. Authentication Application

4. Text or Voice Message

You can't use Google Voice (or similar) for this option. 

5. Backup Codes

If you select this option, don't forget to save this in a secure location, like LastPass or 1Password. 













Click "Agree and continue" to send a one-time email to authenticate your email address.

Colorado FAMLI Connect Account













Click "Continue"

Colorado FAMLI Email Confirm














Complete Your PERSONAL Profile


Enter your first and last name. 

Colorado FAMLI Enter First and Last Name














Enter your phone number.

Colorado FAMLI Enter Phone Number












Click "Save".

Colorado FAMLI Submit Personal Info













Optional: Enter your Middle Name.

Colorado FAMLI Enter MIddle Name














Complete Your BUSINESS Profile


Select your organization type, Employer

Colorado FAMLI Choose Organization Type













Select your Role/Title.

Colorado FAMLI Select Role













Are you a third-party administrator? Click "No".

Colorado FAMLI TPA













Check the "Attestation: I certify under penalty of perjury..." box

Colorado FAMLI Attestation



Click "Continue".














Enter the Organization’s EIN.

Colorado FAMLI Enter EIN














Click "Search".

Colorado FAMLI Search EIN













Enter the Legal Business Name.

Colorado FAMLI Enter Business Address













Enter the company’s physical address.














When you enter your address the site will search for and allow you to click on the full address.

Select the address.

Colorado FAMLI Confirm Business Address













Click "Continue"

Colorado FAMLI Submit Company Info













Select the company’s industry.

Colorado FAMLI Select Industry













Select if the business is seasonal and then enter the business phone number.

Colorado Choose Seasonality













Select the total number of company employees.

Colorado FAMLI Select Employee Count













Click "Continue."

Colorado FAMLI Continue Application













Add An Authorized USER


Click Add User. 

Colorado FAMLI Add an Authorized User














Enter the user's first name, last name, and email address.

Colorado FAMLI Add Authorized Users Info














Choose the user's permission level.

Colorado FAMLI Choose User Permission Level













Click "Continue".

Colorado FAMLI Submit Company Info













Review and Finalize the Application

Review the information for accuracy.

Check the "By clicking here..." box to certify that all the information you have entered is accurate. 

Colorado FAMLI Review Application













Click "Submit" to submit the application.

Colorado FAMLI Submit Application













After you click Submit, you will receive an email confirmation with your account number.

Be sure to save this in a secure location

CleanShot 2023-01-25 at 14.04.41@2x




Update Gusto


Click on the CO FAMLI notice within Gusto.

Colorado FAMLI Gusto



Next to "Registered with Colorado - Family and Medical Leave Insurance", click edit.

Colorado FAMLI Gusto Notice













Click "Yes, I have already registered" and then click "Save".

Colorado FAMLI Gusto Confirmation














That's it!

Don't wait to set up your Colorado My FAMLI+ Account! This account must be set up in order for Gusto to submit premiums on your behalf. 



Ready to work with a payroll expert?

Are you a small business owner feeling overwhelmed by the process of setting up a Colorado My FAMLI+ account? Let us help! 

Book a free consultation with us today and let us handle the payroll for you.

Contact us now and ease your burden!


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