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Employee Spotlight: Kristie

By Cristina Garza

Employee Spotlight: Kristie

Kristie specializes in Payroll Wizardry and Advanced Number Crunching.

If you aren’t aware, Accountingprose operates 100% remotely and we work with our clients completely online. This means that our employees can live and work anywhere. And they do!

Kristie lives, works, and breathes in a sunny town on the outskirts of Tampa, FL. She has a home office with bright orange walls where she logs on every day. Most days, her baby Oliver sits right by her side, occasionally getting up to bark at a passing truck. Did I say baby? I meant dog. Oliver is a pitbull that Kristie and her husband, Tony rescued. He gets so excited when trucks pass because he loves playing with the boxes whenever there’s a delivery. No, this is not a spotlight on Oliver…


Before Kristie landed her dream job at Accountingprose, she studied at the University of South Florida where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. In her free time, she ended up finding a job developing a Point of Sale system. Having two small business owners as parents, she saw some of the struggles firsthand and knew she wanted to be a part of the solution for other small business owners. When she met Cristina, she knew they would work great together! She tacked on some accounting classes to her degree and began helping business owners solve all of their problems. It ended up being exactly the job she wanted!


Kristie also said,

“Not only do I love working in the job but Cristina also understands the importance of a work-life balance.  She supports us in our personal endeavors like prepping for a powerlifting meet or attending the Megacon Comic Convention. I feel like a member of a (superhero) TEAM and not just a number, as some jobs can make you feel.”

We use lots of programs to operate day to day. Kristie’s favorite program that we use is Teamwork. It’s a project management tool that easily allows her to take all of the information stored in her brain and turn it into detailed and organized tasks. It helps her feel more productive and makes sure she’s meeting her many deadlines.


When she’s not answering emails and crunching numbers, her main passion is fitness, with a focus in powerlifting. However, she also dabbles in weightlifting, Strongman, and CrossFit. Any strength sport is OK in her books! To recover from lifting, she loves Netflix marathons and hanging with her pup.

We all love Kristie for many reasons. Her clients love her because she’s quick to respond to their emails with very detailed, easy to follow answers. They always know that they can reach out to her for help! Her teammates love her because she always shares pics of Oliver and always has great workout advice and inspiration.








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