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Extreme Ethics: How Holding The Line Will Win You Clients

By Cristina Garza

Ethics doesn't seem like a sexy word. For some, it means to have an incredible amount of self discipline, and self discipline takes work. However, what if I told you that by cultivating an ethical life and an ethical business, you could attract and retain more clients? It's true!

When we know we are doing the right thing for our clients, we are happier and we shine. When we shine, we are more attractive for our clients and they look forward to working with us. When we have doubt about how fairly and ethically we are treating our clients, it shows. No one wants a snake oil salesman; we like working with people who have our best interests in mind.

Ethical companies are stronger, last longer and have clients that evangelize on their behalf. When we run our business ethically, we have a stronger sense of commitment to our clients and they see it in our work. We also tend to make less risky decisions, ultimately affecting our clients. Instead of putting our immediate needs (like cashflow) first, we take a long term approach to our business. This will put us ahead of the pack and when the shortsighted companies, out to make a quick buck, fall away; the strong and ethical companies will be left standing.

So while many don't think Ethics are sexy, I beg to differ.  Ethical companies are hot.

So what is our commitment to our clients?

  • We are radically ethical. We will always be honest, open and transparent.
  • We are brutally honest. If we don't know something or make a mistake, we will own up to it.
  • We have crazy consideration. We are on your team and will always consider your needs.

Are you looking for an ethical bookkeeping company? Give us a holler; we are ready to  show you what we are made of.