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Small Business Superheroes- October Mixer

By Cristina Garza

We held our first mixer on 10/11/12 at Astor House and it was a total success. We had a great turnout of 38 guests, from all kinds of industries. We are planning our next event and looking for a great venue now. At first we thought monthly events would be essential, but after some consideration we think every other month or quarterly makes the most sense. We want to have an event that people look forward to and not another networking obligation. After all, we are creating a fun night out first and foremost.

Navin from Pathangay Associates was our first arrival and we were so excited to have him. He was an integral part of the Parlor Pizzeria remodel, which is an excellent example of adaptive reuse. He is working on a new project which really excites me; a remodel of the Miriam Building at 7th St and Osborne. The new tenant is Gadzooks, a cool new enchilada and soup restaurant. I have been watching this building for a while, and I am excited that someone will put it to good use.

Laura Petersen from Student Tutor also attended our event and even brought a special guest. It was great to hear about the success that Student Tutor has had and to learn more about her guest who is a marketing intern all the way from Cologne, Germany.  I think she wins the prize for longest distance traveled.

Nicole Gonzalez was also a bright star on our guest list. She recently attended the Phoenix Pride Festival and it was fun to hear about that event. She is doing a great job helping LGBT families with their wills and trusts. I love that she has found a market that sorely needs helps and is offering her service with great enthusiasm. I think she is person to watch; a true change-maker.

Pierre and Amy from Sputnik Moment were late arrivals,  but were able to jump into the fun right away. They help Non Profits integrate Salesforce CRM Software into their business, allowing them to build even greater relationships. I personally think that using a CRM in your business is essential. It allows you to stay in touch with your clients and set a follow up schedule, an essential part of customer relationship building.

Kelsey, Jenny and Odeen from Cohoots and Eeko Studio also made an appearance. They are doing such great things for Downtown Phoenix and I am happy to be a part of their Co-Working Space. There are lots of great events hosted at their office and always a desk to work at. If you are ever in Roosevelt and want to work in a cool space, you should definitely check them out.

Finally, Loren Condron from Dotted and Crossed Marketing graced us with his presence. He had just hopped off a plane from Reno and headed straight our little party. Now that's commitment! Thanks for coming, Loren! We appreciate it!

Would you like to be on our guest list for our next event? Send an email to cristina@accountingprose.com and let me know. I am happy to keep you in the loop.