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Why Accountingprose and Symbiance HR Are Better Together

By Cristina Garza

Any business strong enough to grow beyond its founder will eventually require a Human Resources (or “HR”) department. Yet the very thought of properly handling HR can send a chill down the spine of even the most courageous small or medium sized business owner. Fraught with multiple risk vectors and myriad applicable laws, HR can be a burden that stymies growth for businesses on the rise. Warren Cook, founder of Symbiance HR, recognized he could put his decades of HR expertise to work for these founders and become a Small Business Superhero.

With over 20 years of experience in both private and public sector enterprises of all size, Warren gained uniquely broad and deep HR subject matter expertise. His passion for small business drove him to create Symbiance HR to answer the very challenging question: “Without an HR background, how can a business owner maximize their workforce to achieve their business goals in a compliant manner?” By custom-tailoring processes based on best practices, Symbiance HR is able to save their clients’ money and time while securing peace of mind about legal compliance.

When engaging with a new client, Warren works with his team to determine their specific needs, as every industry and job role can have different regulations with which to comply and client needs vary widely. The aim is to create a partnership that leaves the business feeling secure in having their full HR needs met. Services range from risk management assessment of employment practices all the way to fully outsourced Chief HR Officer and everything in between. Warren decided when starting that he would focus on a partnership-based business concept rather than piecemeal nickel-and-dime services so that each customer interaction was focused and specific, rather than boilerplate and generic.

As a founder, Warren’s day-to-day is as diverse as the needs of his clients. He may start the day building an HR plan with a client or providing a training to C-level executives and could end it following up on new opportunities or aiding a client with a specific HR issue. He’s always kept on his toes and the diverse array of problems he and his team solve keep them sharp, agile, and hungry for more.

His favorite thing about owning his business is simple: He just plainly loves helping small and medium sized business owners focus on their strengths. It makes him happy going to work each day knowing that he and his team are making someone else’s life so much easier. Taking some of the weight off of his clients’ backs is his primary drive. He truly represents what it is to be a Small Business Superhero.

Warren has much to be proud of in his life outside of work. Sure, he has a successful business and multiple college degrees, but the thing he’s most proud of is his family. With only one child to go before the nest empties, Warren is proud that his children are healthy and happy. He’s proud of all of their accomplishments and is grateful that his business lets him spend more time with them.

As strategic partners, Symbiance HR and Accountingprose are a match made in small business heaven! Warren found Accountingprose while researching additional services for a client. After meeting Tina, it was instantly evident that they were both uniquely passionate about giving business owners more time to focus on their core competencies. The close-knit relationship between their service offerings permits them to both readily add value to one another’s firms..

If Warren could pick any superpower known to man, he would pick the ability to heal others. That would really come in handy when his clients are stressed! Essentially, he already does that for his clients when they’re struggling with HR issues.

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