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Repost: Helping The Small Business Community With Finances

By Cristina Garza

Thank you GrowSouthwest for this beautiful write up!

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Name of company:

Accountingprose, LLC



What inspired you to start your business?

I was working with a monk who ran a business teaching business professionals ethics around the globe. The work was exciting, but I kept getting requests to help small business owners with their finances. After about a year of juggling clients and a CFO position, I realized that I enjoyed working with small business owners the most. I handed my position over to a nun, Venerable Lobsang Drolma, and never looked back

How long have you been in business?

4 awesome years

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We make accounting accessible for small business owners and help people integrate technology with their finances. We use the industry standard, Quickbooks, but are also introducing Xero, an online accounting App, and can integrate it with a variety of SaaS apps to automate workflow and bring information together without a lot of extra work.

“We take accounting to the next level and do the impossible; make accounting fun.”

What made you choose CO+HOOTS as your co-working office?

I thrive on community and connection and CO+HOOTS is a natural fit. I love being around like-minded people who are super excited to share ideas and are all working tirelessly to build their dream. It is an inspirational and exciting environment.

What hurdles have you faced in being an entrepreneur?

Hiring has been the most difficult challenge. I have made the mistake of hiring quickly and firing slowly, and not being focused enough with my hires. I have changed my outlook and now look for a cultural fit, experience and moldability. I look for people who are eager to learn and excited to build the brand. My staffers have made my life easier and are brand ambassadors.

What advice can you offer new startups and budding entrepreneurs?

Be clear with your goals, measure, and adjust accordingly. You can’t steer your business in the right direction if you don’t know what direction you are going.

If you need help with your finances, check out Tina Garza at Accountingprose! You may see her at CO+HOOTS from time-to-time and we can only image that’s she’s a busy woman during tax season.