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By Cristina Garza

What in the world does patience have to do with building a business? In a word- Everything.


Running a business is very exciting. There are a times that great ideas run through our mind all night. We are tempted to run in ten different directions, while tweeting and facebooking all of the great things we plan to do. Often times instead of careful planning we jump the gun or our plans fall flat. Our friends and social media followers might lose confidence in us because they see a lot of "talk", but not a lot of progress.


So, how can you be more patient with your business, when you need income now? Here are few ideas that may help bring your plans into focus:

  1. Keep a list of all the great ideas you have. Before you go to sleep at night make sure that all of your thoughts are jotted down, so you can rest easy knowing you haven't forgotten about the "next big thing".
  2. Make one day of the week your business development day. Spend time evaluating what resources you have and which ideas seem do-able.
  3. Write a game plan to see your project to completion. This includes things like creating due dates, milestones and tasks associated with each milestone.
  4. Celebrate each success and share this with your network of friends and colleagues. They will see how you are making your project come alive and also will be excited to see the progress.


You will find that as you see yourself reaching your milestones, your confidence in project management will increase. You will see that being patient and thorough is much more satisfying than blindly running in ten directions. Your clients will have more confidence in you and your business will grow because of it.


Have you implemented a patience practice in your business? I'd love to hear about it? Send me an email and I will share it via Facebook and Twitter.