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One Less Headache- Expense Reporting with Dash

By Cristina Garza

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Weidenmiller, CEO of Karmic Labs at Xerocon in Denver this year. He and his awesome team at Karmic Labs developed Dash, and I was blown away.

Once upon a time, one of the biggest headaches I had to deal with was expense reporting. I have a thousand things to do during the day, and looking over receipts, entering a bill for reimbursement, and then cutting a check seemed treacherous. I know, to some people it isn't a big deal, but when I am juggling a million projects, I often leave this until the last minute. I really don't like to handle expense reimbursements that way, because it also drives my employees crazy. I know they want to get paid back and when it takes 3 weeks to get repaid, they probably want to throw things at me.

So, when Ryan told me about Dash, I was stoked. 

Instead of tracking down paper, and having my employees jump through a bunch of hoops, I just give them prepaid expense cards and have them download the Dash app. When my employees need to make a purchase, they have cash on hand and don't have to dig into their personal piggy bank. When the transaction is complete, they just scan the receipt and with the handy optical character recognition (OCR), the receipt is filed away and then pushed over to my Xero account. The Dash cards act as individual petty cash accounts that we draw from and provide documentation for. When someone needs a little extra dough, they can request it or I can have it auto top up, so I don't even have to deal with it. If the card gets lost or stolen, or we need to cut someone off, all I have to do is tell the app to shut the card down. It is so easy!

Now, when my clients ask for us to handle expense reimbursements, I just direct them to the fellas at Dash and they handle the on-boarding. When my clients sign up, they use my invite code "Accountingprose" and they get bumped to the top of the line. That means they don't have to wait to implement the service because my clients have essentially been pre-screened by me.

Oh yeah, the best part? It doesn't cost a thing, unless you need things like paper statements. The super geniuses at Dash don't make money off of my clients by charging a month to month subcription, but rather get a cut of the processing fee. I like this. My clients like this. We have more money to invest in other parts of their business, and spend less time rummaging through paperwork.

Check out this video to learn more about Dash.



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