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Client Spotlight: Billie's Handyman Services, LLC

By Cristina Garza

When Billie Grace walked into my office, I knew I wanted to have her as a client. She came in smiling and laughed during our entire one hour consultation. She truly loves what she does and will win you over in a heartbeat. She is a professional through and through and takes incredible pride in her work. We are excited to see her business grow and are with her every step of the way.


One look at her van will show you that she means business. She has the phrases , "Good Things to All", "Be Happy", "Practice Kindness Every Day", and "Never Give Up" emblazoned on the side. While some people might mouth these words, she shouts them from the rooftops. She is, in a word, a rockstar.


Name of Business

Billie's Handyman Services LLC

PO Box 36474

Phoenix, AZ 85067

(602) 465-3721


What does a "day in the life" look like for you?

I awaken to a beautiful poodle mutt mix “Bennie” and we go for a walk! Then the phone starts ringing and it’s off to the races! We are on Angie’s List and this brings in a steady number of new clients plus my repeat clients from the last decade. My day is full-mostly happy clients, every once in awhile a sour apple slips in, but for the most part I experience happy people to work for and my associates and I have a good time each day.


What is your superhero ability and why?

Flexibility and the ease of going with the flow.  In my line of work all kinds of things can happen each day and flexibility and staying calm when things are not going as planned is important.


What do you love about running your business?

My days are usually long and physically demanding—a lot of hard work! I look back over the last 28 years and see where I have come from and have witnessed my human development into a confident business owner. That’s what I love most; the growth and its continued development within me and that which will come into being over the next 20 years. Say YES to your DREAMS!


Bragging Rights: What are you most proud of?

Clean Lines Painting! A good paint job is okay but an excellent paint job is the best!

It has taken me some years to master my skill of painting; example—white ceiling and dark color walls- when I am finished that ceiling and wall line is as precise as the edge of 11 x 8 paper.  


How has outsourcing your accounting helped your business?

It has given me time and peace of mind! I am a handyman not a bookkeeper! I wish I had found Accountingprose a lot sooner. It was one of my smarter decisions!


Any specials, deals, coupons, etc that you would like to extend to our readers?

15% off Labor Only if you respond to this ad in 90 days of posting.


Additional information, notes, etc

Billie's Handyman Services is not just your ordinary handyman company, we believe that quality service starts the moment "YOU" call us and it never finishes. We believe that winning your loyalty is a continual process that’s takes 110% of quality craftsmanship and service. With today’s market and so many handyman companies to choose from, it is always our belief in our “Best Care Policies" that our clients always experience a win-win when doing business with Billie’s Handyman Services LLC.

“Best Care Policies" Customer Service, Quality and Fair Pricing are key principal in how we handle our company business.

Currently we accept checks or cash; credit cards and payment plans are accepted now on a project by project basis.

Billie's Handyman Services offers a wide variety of services; Carpentry, Drywall, Electrical, Painting, Plumbing, Remodeling, Design @ 5-K, and Resale Ready!

Good Things to Everyone!

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