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April 2018 Tax Deadlines

By Cristina Garza

Have you ever gotten a letter from the IRS in the mail demanding immediate payment? Not only do you owe your taxes, but now you've been slapped with big fines and interest to boot!

We're here to make your business life easier by preparing you for any upcoming tax deadlines. Late fees and penalties are for the birds! Take a look at the due dates below and make sure to grab your big red permanent marker to triple circle the dates on your calendar so you don't forget what is coming due and when.

Here are the April due dates you need to know about... 



March 2018 Payroll Tax Deadlines

If you’re a semi-weekly payroll tax depositor:

  • If your payroll date falls on a Sat, Sun, Mon, or Tue, be sure to make your payment the following Friday
  • If your payroll date falls on a Wed, Thur, or Fri, be sure to make your payment the following Wednesday

If you’re a monthly payroll tax depositor:

April 17, 2018: 941 Federal Monthly Deposit

April 10, 2018: Form 4070 (employee tips over $20) due to you from employees (make sure to collect them!)


2017 Federal Annual Tax Filing Deadlines

April 17, 2018: C Corps and Individuals 2017 Taxes Due (Filed and Paid)


March 2018 State Sales Tax Deadlines

April 20, 2018: Colorado Sales Tax

April 20, 2018: Arizona Sales Tax


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