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Crossword Contest for National Crossword Puzzle Day!

By Cristina Garza


It’s National Crossword Day, so we put together a special accounting crossword puzzle with fun accounting words (yes, that's a thing) and clues!

The best part? If you return the completed crossword puzzle by 12/22/17 at noon, you will be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!

It’s easy…

  • Download the crossword below
  • Open it in either Preview or Adobe Acrobat
  • Use the Text tool to fill in each box with a letter using the clues at the bottom to figure out what the word is
  • When you think you have it right, save it and send it to kristi.mount@accountingprose.com

We will announce the winner on 12/22/17 at 5pm. 


>> Download: Accountingprose Crossword <<